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Landscaping Design Experts
Huntsville, AL | Charlotte, NC

Here at White Shovel Landscapes, our focus is on plant landscaping. We understand that every professionally landscaped yard starts with a plan. Most people have an idea of how they want their landscape greenery to look but do not have the expert help they need to get the job done. We have the training and experience to help you bring your landscaping vision to reality. Our dedicated team will work relentlessly to pursue perfection until your project is completed. When trusting in us you will have years of landscape crafting experience backing you up. Make sure that you consult our maintenance plans to ensure that your yard is always cared for. We love what we do! Please call us today! 

Why should you choose our experts at White Shovel Landscapes? Our great nation is home to many diverse geographical areas, each with its own weather systems. This means that certain plants do better in some areas than in others. Being locally owned, we understand the weather of the southeast intimately, and we have the license and experience to do so. Because of our knowledge, the cost of our work is worth the investment and will save you more in the long run than if you were to do this yourself. 

One thing we want to make clear is that your yard is a significant part of the value of your home. Most certainly it is the first thing that guests will see. We understand that first appearances can leave a lasting impression. We also understand the unpredictable nature of southern weather, making it difficult to maintain a good looking yard. This can result in drastic or gradual changes to your yard that can be a detriment to the value of your property. Your time is valuable, and because of this we ask you to trust us to take care of your yard so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones. The investment that you place in us will be worth it. 

Finally, we just want to say thank you for considering us. With us you can feel at ease knowing that your yard is being taking care of, which is one less worry on your mind. Having consistent care by a professional landscaping team makes all the difference. You can be rest assured that we know the climate and its local pests because we live local and work local. Not only will you and yours reap the rewards of our labor, but your community will benefit, both aesthetically and environmentally. Our experts know the balance needed to keep your yard and community healthy and happy. 

Landscaping FAQs

How long have you been in business?

  • Since 2009

Does your company offer low maintenance landscaping?

  • Yes, all the plants we used have been tested to provide our clients with the lowest maintenance.

How much do you charge to design a home?

  • Our complete design process is FREE to you. Once completed, you can purchase it from us for $300, or choose to have it installed by one of our install teams and pay nothing for the design.

Do you do residential landscapes?

  • Yes, we currently serve all homes of all sizes. 

Do you offer free estimates on drainage issues?

  • Yes, we can diagnose the problem and install the drain system needed to correct the issue. 

Do you show up on time if I schedule an appointment, I'm busy?

  • We have dedicated Designer/Estimators to serve you, and we guarantee on-time appointments and communication of our location.

I've heard you offer a Photo Design Service? What is that exactly?

  • Photo Design is where our designers take photos of your home, and through a photo editing process, they show you what your home would look like with a new landscape. This exciting process can give you insight into new possibilities for low maintenance and beauty. 


How often will you fertilize my yard?

  • Once a year during the summer months. We don't require your presence but we do ask that you make your yard accessible. 

When should I consider reinvent landscaping?

  • It depends on the plants you wish to grow. Certain plants and trees grow better when planted in the fall, as the weather is more conducive and the ground warm and less weeded. 


Landscape a Front Yard

I highly recommend White Shovel Landscaping. Isaac was such a joy to work with during the entire process. He took photos of my house and offered me several options of new landscaping & how it would look at my house. The installers removed all my old shrubs & bushes, cleaned out my flower beds & installed the new plants & flowers. My house looks amazing! The installers were so nice & worked very hard in the blazing sun until they finished. Iâ m so glad I chose White Shovel Landscaping! Thanks so much!
Kim B.

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