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3 Ways To Fix Exposed Tree Roots In Your Yard!

Bad news!

You just walked out into your yard and discovered your beautiful tree has exposed it's tree roots in your yard.

It's not exactly an attractive scene for your beautiful manicured yard. But what can you do about it besides removing your tree?

Here's 3 ways to fix exposed tree roots in your yard.

#1. Offense is the best defense!

It's best to know what's causing this dreadful problem first of all, and how to prevent it from happening. This way you can correct the issue and stop it from returning.

If you notice, most of the time the tree branches of your gorgeous tree have brought your grass' number one enemy. Shade!

Shade will cause your grass to begin to thin out, especially if you have Bermuda Grass.

As a good prevention method you should hire a tree service, or prune up the canopy of your trees. Sunlight will keep your grass from thinning. Which in turn will save your soil. Which will keep your roots under ground.

Another prevention method involves your irrigation system.

Deep watering!

This means you need to water your yard really good, and give it time to drink the water. Most of the time you can wait a day or two before watering again. This makes the roots of your grass and your trees dig deeper in the ground.

#2. A little dirt a little sand!

Most people will try to solve the problem over night by adding a lot of topsoil. This can smother your tree and lead to your tree dying.

If you want to add just dirt, you can do this, just be careful not to cover the roots more then two inches.

The best approach is to add 1 part sand and 2 parts soil. Because sand is a natural leveler, it will help to break up your current soil as well as work the new soil.

Be sure to not use potting soil. You want dirt!

#3. Choose your grass wisely!

Just because you've trimmed your trees and added soil, doesn't mean you're good to go. You could be dealing with a shade issue caused by a neighbors tree or even you home.

There are lots of grass seeds to choose from so be sure to choose wisely.

In the more dense shaded areas you should choose are grass seed which can handle less light.

For the Huntsville, Madison, Decatur Alabama area here is a good rule of thumb.

Keep in mind this is a broad brush plan for beginners for best results.

Bermuda grass needs sun!

Zoysia grass can handle a little less sun!

Fescue grass can handle lots of shade, but can die off if the summer gets to hot. For best results reseed your Fescue yearly.

Exposed roots in your yard is not appealing, but with a little finesse and hard work. You can have your yard back to beautiful in no time.

I'd love to here things you've tried and what's worked for you.


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