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Landscape Design in Huntsville AL

I wanted to explore the exquisite nature of landscape design in the Huntsville Alabama area.

Every city has it's own quirks, obstacles, and fun challenges. Huntsville is no different.

One of the obstacles to a good landscape design in Huntsville is the clay in the soil. If you can even call it soil. Sometimes, as a landscape installer as well, we see homes where the topsoil has been scraped off. Leaving behind a river of hard clay to plant your plants in.

One of the things to remember is, clay is actually an important part of good soil composition. Clay helps the soil retain moisture, which can lead to you not needing to water as often as someone with (let's say) a more sandy soil.

Another obstacle to a great landscape design in the Huntsville AL area is with the weather.

We all know Alabama weather, and the main thing it's known for is "crazy cold" sometimes. You really never know when it's just going to be cold back to back for a few days at random in April. We've even got snow in April. This can make it tough to choose plants. Just for example, the Carolina Jasmine has a difficult time with the weather changes. It seems the swap can take this poor plant down with very little fight.

The last thing I want to point out about landscape design in Huntsville is, the broad use of plants.

You see because Huntsville AL is located in the northern part of Alabama, we can easily use plants from areas above us, and below.

Take the Indian Hawthorne for example. This wonderful shrub grows like a weed in Florida, but here we can experience it as simply a low maintenance shrub. This is largely due to its in-ability to handle cold weather. I know this may sound like a negative thing but it isn't. The cold weather limits it's growth, and creates a wonderfully tame shrub for this area. Not something your going to hear from deep south Florida people.

If your looking for a company to do landscape design or installation in Huntsville AL, you've come to the right place. We offer no cost landscape ideas, and design service.

You can easily schedule online with an designer/estimator by clicking here!


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