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Landscape Design In Madison AL

The city of Madison has truly grown over the past few years, and with it White Shovel has came along to provide landscape design for all of Madison Alabama.

Perhaps you're considering redoing or perhaps finally getting the landscape design your home deserves. Maybe you've been waiting and just dealing with the current landscape provided to you by your home builder. Today may be your day to look around and say, "I need a landscape design."

There are lots of nurseries and plants to choose from when considering a landscape design in the Madison Alabama area. What I'd like to do is touch on a few plants to keep out of your landscape, and a few you should consider.

Let's talk "danger zone" first.

ELAEAGNUS One of the most feared shrubs of all time. This small innocent shrub may look really full and nice at the nursery but don't be fooled. Unless you are trying to create a giant fast growing wall of shrubs, you might should leave this one alone. Sure, it's listed at Southern Living, but it has a place, and any other place besides that can lead to disaster.

Second, let's talk "lots of fun color."

Drift® Roses One of the easiest color options known to the wonderful city of Madison Alabama. This small plant is perfect for any landscape design. It grows low and creates color all summer long. Use it by your front door, or across a large hill side as a ground cover.

Dwarf Yaupon Holly This little shrub may seem like a great plant in the nursery, but watch out for it's fast growth and shabby look. If not kept pruned on a regular monthly basis, this shrub can look shabby. It quickly produces several shoots and cause the shrub to appear to be out of control quickly. For these reasons we recommend not using it in your landscape design in the Madison Alabama area.

I hope this provided you with a little insight into plants you can use in your landscape design in Madison. Unfortunately, there is no way of going through all of the plants we choose to stay away from and why.

White Shovel offers no cost landscape design for all of Madison AL. We would like to extend you a personal invitation to see how our photo design process works. Watch our landscape designers work their magic on actual photos of your home. Using photo editing, they can present you several design ideas which can save you hours of missed planting errors, and hard labor.


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