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Landscape Edging Types?

So you have a great landscape but you can't see to decide on a landscape edging type.

There are so many to choose from, and so many different prices. You might feel the need to just pick one and let the chips fall where they may.

I wish I could say I had a magic edging type, but the reality is we all like different things. What I can do is give you a couple of things to make sure of when you are choosing and installing your edging. Things that will make sure your edging is doing what it is intended to do.

Lesson #1. "Who Let The Mulch Out?"

The primary purpose for edging is to keep the mulch inside the beds and separate from your grass and sidewalk. When choosing and installing your edging, make sure you pick an edge which will be tall enough to go into the ground two inches, and stick out of the ground two inches. This makes sure weeds can't get in, and mulch can't get out.

Lesson #2. "Who Messed Up The Edging?"

A very common mistake is to forget you will have to weed-eat and mow around the edging once it's installed. Don't make the mistake of building edging which can be easily messed up. This will create a high maintenance scenario and will most likely lead to your edging looking bad. Instead, choose something a bit more solid, maybe something you can use your edger up against. This will lead to longevity in your edging and less stress.

Lesson #3. "Who Didn't Remove The Grass?"

Whatever you do, make sure you do not install your edging on top of your current grass. You need to make sure the grass is completely removed before putting in the edging. You will find yourself in a huge mess and end up needing to remove all the edging to get the grass out. Instead make sure you dig down and remove the grass with it's roots. Once you're done with that, install your edging on the soil.

Don't forget to enjoy your landscape when you're done. Plants and trees grow for our enjoyment, and it's one of the pleasures in life.

If you have other questions, feel free to comment below or email


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