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Termites VS. Mulch?

Being in landscaping on a regular basis I hear just about every issue there is when it comes to a new landscape. One of the top concerns is to do with Termites and Mulch.

No homeowner in the world wishes to spread termite food all around their home and sit back and wait. But let's stop for a minute. Does mulch attract or welcome termites into your home? Is there a way to prevent this if it does? Should you be concerned about having mulch up against your home?

All of these are great questions! Let's face it, as homeowners we want great landscaping with out the termites if we can help it.

First of all, if you are deeply concerned about termites or maybe you have had a bad experience with them in the past. You might want to consider one of the alternatives to wood type mulches.

Maybe you'd like a river rock, or lava rock. Both of these can be a great addition to your landscaping.

However, if you are still with me and you would like to use mulch if at all possible in your landscaping, then let me continue.

Every homeowner should take basic precautions when it comes to bugs in general. Termites not being to far down on your home's list of enemies.

Let's review a few things.

Any pest control company can rid bugs and termites from your home. There is no need to fear when termite control is here. So this is something to keep in mind if your overly concerned.

Something else to thing about is keeping a clean environment. By simply keeping shrubs off your home, and ensuring the ground has proper drainage, you can easily reduce the likelihood of bugs enjoying your home as their home.

Then if your still really worried, you can choose a different type of mulch.

White Shovel uses Hardwood mulch in our landscapes (unless a client request something different). Hardwoods are less likely to attract bugs, sit heavier in a landscape to prevent washing away, and don't decompose as fast as other mulches.

By simply staying away from mulches such as "Pine Bark" mulch, you can reduce the introduction of new bugs into your landscape. Keeping in mind, Pine Bark mulch is simply the bark stripped off of pine trees, and can contain bugs of all kinds.

Overall, if you maintain your home properly and keep a sharp eye, bugs don't stand a chance.

Good hunting!


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