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Unique Landscaping in Huntsville AL

I'm really excited about today's post, partly because I love to design so much, but also because we get to look at some of the creative ways landscapers bring homes to life.

Landscaping in Huntsville Alabama is much like the surrounding areas, but every state and city has things that seem to stick to it. These things could be bed shapes, plant types, or combinations of both.

One of the things you see most in the landscapes in Huntsville is something we call "Contractor Landscaping." These landscapes are often installed by the builder or his or her crew. They represent the minimum requirements by the city when building a home.

Although they can still be eye-catching when they are installed, they usually pose quite a few problems for the future. Problems like being planted too close to the home.

Homebuilders have to meet certain plant pot sizes when installing these plants. As such, they end up needing to compromise on the type of plant in order to accomplish the right size.

This is where the second problem comes in. You see, nurseries have plants that grow faster than others. So they need to move those out of their inventory quicker. Contractors need plants at a lower price. So, because the nursery makes money based on how long they have to care for the plant before it sells, the faster-growing plants can be larger and a lot cheaper. This makes them ideal targets for home builders.

This creates a high maintenance landscape for your home in Huntsville Alabama.

Something else we see a lot of is too many plants in a garden bed. This is often due to the over-zealous nature of the person designing the landscape.

The problem is the landscape designer feels like the homeowner will not want to see tons of extra space in their beds after a professional has designed and installed the landscape. So, they compromise and plant a bunch of plants in the beds. This looks really good when they get done, but as the plants grow you are faced with massive overgrowth. The plants outgrow their space rapidly and you now have to remove them or prune every month during the summer.

White Shovel created a low maintenance design system. We have plants that conform to different areas of the home, based on shape and size. So far, as we landscape Huntsville Alabama, we've established a staple list of key plants for every area of your home. These plants grow at different rates based on the needs of the home and the designer. Every plant designed to bring about a low maintenance landscape.

We also design on actual pictures of your home, which means we can show you what the plants will look like as they come in. Which eliminates your desire (at least a little bit) for more plants to cover what seems like empty areas.

In the end, Huntsville as some of the most amazing landscapes you've ever seen. We are happy to be a part of landscaping Huntsville Alabama.


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