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Using Your Designer For Ideas?

Most people get the "idea" their landscape designer can only be used for landscape ideas.

However, the most incredible part of White Shovel's service is our idea process.

The reason for this is because of the vast amount of ways to utilize a designers skills to create new ideas for the outside of your home.

To help with this I'd like to share an interesting story about one of my favorite clients.

On a bright sunshiny, summer morning, I received a phone call.

"Hello, this is Mike, How can I help you?"

"Yes, I'm looking for someone to help me with some landscaping in my backyard. You see, I have twelve cats and I want them to be able to come and go as they please, but I want them to be safe."

My first thought upon hearing Mrs. Jones statement, my mind began to drift. "What sort of advertising has caused someone to believe we could help with cats?"

"Sounds like you're up against some real challenges? Do you have a large backyard?"

"Not really, and I've already put up some different barriers and things, but it really just looks messy. Do you think you could help me?"

"Mrs. Jones, honestly, I know I can help you. If nothing else I can help you come to some great conclusions, on what can be done."

The appointment was set, and I have to say, I was a little nervous about going to see her. Although I tried to express confidence in the ideas I knew I could provide, I still felt like my idea creation had met its match.

A few days went by before I found myself standing on her front porch knocking.

As we wandered into the back yard, I could feel the nervousness of feeling like I wouldn't be able to help.

"What exactly are you needing done?" I asked, trying to ease some of the tension.

"Well, I don't really know. You see, my cats come out the back door, and out that side window there and into the back yard. As you can see my porch is not quite big enough to handle them, and I have this blue tarp draped across the outside of the porch to block the afternoon sun. I know it's not very attractive, but it's very much needed. My goal here is to try to prevent myself from looking like a crazy cat lady. Do you think you can help?"

For a few moments we shared a laugh, as I glanced around at the current condition of the area.

"Honestly, I don't really see any opportunities for plants to help in this situation. But, I bet we could layout your porch differently and you could have it rebuilt by a carpenter. Do you know any carpenters?"

"Yes, my cousin is a carpenter and he said he could build whatever I needed."

"OK! Great! So, let's think about this. It looks like you could definitely extend the porch to the right about three feet, that would give you more space. Then, instead of this tarp, perhaps you would consider more of a tilted board style sun shade for the side. This would allow the air to blow through but block the sunlight."

"That sound great, but what about the side window. They like to come out that window, but it's very difficult to get them into this fence in the backyard when they come out that way?"

"Hmmm, I see that! Have you considered maybe taking the fence forward. Maybe closer to the front of your home? This would allow them to exit the window directly into the fence. It would also solve the problem of not enough yard space."

"I never thought about that! You know, that would give me the space I needed to put the patio I've been wanting right here!"

"Well there you go!"

After about two hours of going round and round all the different issues she was faced with, we had created a small plan to restructure her porch, and move her fence. The changes drastically reduced here "cat lady" appearance, and also gave her a place in the back yard to enjoy some time with them as well.

As we finished up with the ideas, she asked me, "Is there a charge for you coming out here? I feel so bad because none of the work you showed me is something your company provides?"

"Mrs. Jones, I'm paid to provide you with ideas, and help you brainstorm. I enjoy every opportunity to do so. If you ever decide to landscape that back yard, just call me. Perhaps after you get your porch redone."

"Thank you Mike."

I climbed into my car, and backed out of the driveway.

White Shovel was founded on ideas, and providing ideas to our clients is something that will always be free. No matter where it its. The practical experience of what our designers see and work with every day, can provide you with easy to apply ideas. Ideas which bring to life areas outside your home where you never thought possible.

Think about that area of your yard where you're struggling. Think about the areas of your home where you don't think they will ever be usable.

What if you're missing something?

Today might be the day where you reclaim this area of your yard with a low cost, option. Perhaps you may even turn that area into your favorite area.

What will you do with your ideas from White Shovel?

Schedule online today!


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