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What is Mow Over Landscape Edging?

Mow-Over Edging

So you have mulch, and you have grass. But you want your grass to stay out of your beds, and you eliminate the need for weed-eating around your landscape. 

Is it possible? Is there something you can do to have the best of both worlds? 


Mow-Over edging is a fresh idea for your landscape or garden bed. No matter your type of grass, a paver mowing edge can help you eliminate maintenance in your yard. 

The best part is this style of edging provides a wide margin appearance to your beds, all while holding the mulch in your beds. 

You can also use an edger on your new edging the same way you would on your sidewalks or driveways. The result is an amazing clean look. 

When installing your mow-over edge you want to first dig down at least 3-4 inches below the roots of your current grass. You will want to cut cleanly through your grass to create a good finished product. 

The best way to mark the edge is to use a large rope or water hose. Lay the hose out on the ground until you get the look and curves you are wanting. Then you can use spray paint, or simple baking flour to sprinkle along the water hose to mark where you want to cut. 

Next you dig out all the dirt and grass from the inside of the area. 

Then you will want to create a flat surface where your blocks can sit. This can be done with a flat shovel. 

Once complete you can then apply a paver base to the bottom of your new trench, before packing the soil. 

Now comes the tough part. 

You will want to lay your pavers in the trench carefully so you can see how many gaps you will need to cut in. 

Any home improvement store can assist you in getting a stone cutting blade for your circular saw or you can rent a stone saw from a tool rental company. 

Using a stone crayon you will need to mark each stone one at a time as you cut them into place. This can be tedious but vital to your finished product. 

You will also want to get a rubber mallet. These are great for tapping down high corners and things when installing the blocks. 

After everything is cut in, you will now want to secure your top block. You can do this by mixing mortar or using liquid nails. Both of these can be purchased at a local home improvement store. 

Mow-Over edging is a great addition to your landscape. If you're having trouble, or you’d like it installed for you. You can call White Shovel Landscapes. 

Good Luck.


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